Chances are you have already heard of the word if, right? We use this word to talk about things that depend on something else to happen. We need to have a condition for it to happen, so that’s why we call this grammar topic conditionals. Today we will explore the two first ones, the zero and first conditionals in English. There are two more, which we will talk about in another blog post. So let’s get started? I promise that if you keep reading this, you will learn more about conditionals. 

Exercise 1 – Practice using English conditionals in context

Exercise 2 – Choose the correct conditional

Exercise 3 – Form conditional sentences in English

Exercise 4 – Complete the conditional sentences

How did you do with these English exercises and games? If you want to learn more about the zero and first conditionals in English, you should read our in-depth post to learn everything there is to know about zero and first conditionals in English.