English teachers, the search for great content stops here.

We know you are busy, so let’s cut to the chase. Tutoring is great, but it’s not always easy to find the quality resources and materials for students. When you become a teaching partner with PrepEng, we’ve done the content planning for you.

100% digital platform for ESL students

When your students join a PrepEng course, they get access to:

  • 20 grammar videos,
  • 100 interactive exercises (speaking, listening, reading, and writing)
  • 60 quizzes

Say goodbye to those pesky copies, PDFs, and textbooks! All you need to teach is an internet-connected device. Plus, teachers get free access to the course when students sign up.

Courses are designed for English students at the beginner (A1), elementary (A2) or intermediate (B1) levels.

Three possible teaching modes

Use PrepEng content the way you and your student want:

  • Face to face – just pull up the course on a tablet or laptop and go through the content together.
  • Online – you and your student work on the activities in a virtual space.
  • Flipped – your student does the lesson on their own, and then you supplement with communicative activities while you tutor

Get cash rewards

As a teaching partner, you earn a 20% affiliate payment for each student who signs up to use PrepEng material.

All you need to do is register for free as a PreEng affiliate, and make sure you mention you are a teacher.


English teachers tutor online ESL resources

Frequently asked questions

Does it cost me any money to be a PrepEng teaching partner?

The PrepEng teaching partner program is 100 percent free for teachers. In fact, we pay you! For each student who signs up with your affiliate code, you receive a 20 percent commission. This is good for teachers who need content and good for students who need structured skills practice.

Why not just use PDFs and resources found online?

Those resources can certainly help a language learner with a specific concept. However, students learn best when materials and topics are structured progressively so the students move toward a better grasp of language skills.

PrepEng courses are designed to be just outside a students zone of comfort, so that they continue to be challenged. Each course has 20 units, all with grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening tasks. Units are based on topics that are relevant to adult learners.

My student is reluctant to buy the course. What should I tell them?

As an English tutor, you need to identify what type of lessons the student wants. If it is conversation only, then your student does not necessarily need any materials, nor should the tutor attempt to teach grammar, vocabulary, reading, or writing.

If you are teaching anything other than a conversation class, you will need to use some material. It is up to you to choose the textbook or course, and plan the lessons. Keep in mind that textbooks do not give free teacher access, so you will need to buy one as well. Also, most textbooks require an additional purchase to access the digital content. If you sign up with PrepEng.com, teachers get free access to the course and students pay the equivalent price of textbook.

How much content is within a PrepEng course?

Each course has 20 units, with three topics per unit. Each unit has a minimum of ten activities including interactive videos, games, self-grading exercises, speaking practice, and listening activities. Additionally, each unit has three quizzes related to grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Our students easily spend between 90-120 minutes per week on a unit.