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[edit] lesson introduction

Let's go!

You will learn how to:

Grammar Objective

[edit] Describe impossible situations with the second conditional tense.

Vocabulary Objective

[edit] Use idioms and phrasal verbs about relationships in English.


[edit] H2 heading

[edit] Engage section - ask questions about the topic that get the student thinking about the content they are about to consume.

[edit] H3 heading (example) Watch this video and think about these questions.

  • [edit] Example: How is her life different if she is a boy?

  • [edit] example: Why is she thinking about this?

[edit] Explore section: move the student to focus on the meaning of the material - language, purpose, etc

[edit] Use the element generator (Green A symbol) to insert Youtube video

[edit] H3, Example: Important vocabulary from the video

insert vocabulary h5p

to promise or say firmly that you are telling the truth or that you will do something or behave in a particular way

to not realize how important something or someone is

having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something

to support or defend someone or something
to pursue someone romantically

[edit] Example: Practice using the vocabulary with this activity

insert H5P activity


[edit] H2 heading

[edit] explain section: include a short intro - move student to focus on the grammar or vocabulary target of the lesson

[edit] H3 about the grammar or vocab target

[edit] explicit information about the language target, rules, structure etc.

[edit] more explanation if required

Column 1 Column 2
Column 1 Value Column 2 Value

[edit] more explanation if required

[edit] H3 for practice activities (minimum ten questions in one or two activities)


[edit] H2 title

[edit] Elaborate section - what other connections can be made with this language target? Other media, related grammar, pronunciation, etc

[edit] h3 title - introduce connection/elaboration

[edit] use this column (not necessarily the text element) to insert content

[edit] H3 title for more student interaction (H5P/listening/more videos/discussion)

[edit] use this column (not necessarily the text element) to insert content

[edit] use this space to connect to more resources or invite comments